An Arugment to Not Knit Faster

Lately, I have seen a trend of posts and articles about why I should learn to knit faster.  By telling us knitters that we must knit faster, the implication is that we do not knit fast enough!  Let me expand on this idea.

For many, knitting (and crafting in general), is about the process: picking the perfect pattern, finding just the right yarn, picking up needles that are old friends, and putting hours of love in the form of knits and purls into a project!  So, why must we knit faster?  Can’t we just enjoy the process and use the soothing repetition for our meditation?  Take time to enjoy your skills and teach others.  Progress for the sake of progress is not good and faster for the sake of faster is also not good.

“Slow down, you will get a more harmonious outcome!” – Crossfire Trail (Movie)

Just some food for thought!  Happy Knitting!