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Nature Weaving

Well, I finally tried nature weaving!  It was fun and easy and is a good project for kids.  It is very good to combine a nature walk and plant identification with the basics of weaving. Supplies? You ask.  Not many!  Nature pieces, scissors, cotton crochet thread or yarn, and sticks.


Nature Weaving Supplies
Supplies: Bits of nature, sticks, yarn, scissors

I tied the sticks together with the crochet thread and then put the warp on the sticks.  (The plants act as the weft.)  The most difficult part was keeping the tension as the sticks wanted to slid up and down a little bit.  Once done, add nature! (My boys collected the “nature” and we discussed the plants as they brought them to me!) * Be very careful if you let children out to collect that they know what is poisonous and harmful if touched or cut! Such as poison ivy, etc!

Little Bits of Nature

You can add a hanger on the back by attaching another piece of crochet thread in which ever direction you like.  The “frame” can be used multiple times!

Viola, unique wall hanging!

Hanging Done